Mission Programs

Ever since men injured in New York City’s colonial era Battle of Golden Hill were treated at the original Wesley Chapel on John Street, sharing God's love through acts of kindness, hospitality, and justice has been our congregation's highest calling.  In the 19th century, one of our members started the city’s first homeless mission.  In the 20th century, we opened our doors to the Wall Street community during World Wars and the Great Depression.  And after the tragic events of September 11, 2001, our congregation offered comfort and hope to a wounded neighborhood and nation.     

Today, we put our faith into action through a variety of hands-on and financial ministries.   We regularly send teams of volunteers to the Bowery Mission and Habitat for Humanity work sites.  We also host events for community groups with whom we share common goals—workers’ rights, immigration reform, and environmental stewardship to name a few.  And every week our special mission offering program invites us to lend prayerful and economic support to humanitarian ministries around the world.